Artwork by Laura Radman



February 2019 : Eric Shane Radman

Eric first picked up a film camera in 2007, and has since found this photography to be a point of contact with the world.

Color photography became a captivating challenge after stumbling across Fujifilm Velvia 100 and Provia 100F. (Sadly, these films are now discontinued.)

With the advent of digital imaging, B&W photography became and effect and not even a valid legal identification. Yet the material of structure of B&W film as a life of it's own. Care in exposure, development and printing become a ritual, slow process that still serves to elevate the medium we call photography.

March, 2020 : Eden Joy Radman

Eden Joy, March 2019

Eden is the youngest of three, and my most enthusiastic assistant. Many of the lighting combinations I know are because of her help in carrying equipment and modeling.

When children are young it is difficult to see what they will become, yet looking back we can see a personality that has been shining through from her earliest days.

Eric Shane Radman
8 Tudor Dr. / Endicott, NY 13760