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A Test of Ektachrome E100

Summary: unpleasent color cast under all lighting conditions.

Ektachrome E100 Provia 100F

This is the trouble when trying to shoot portraits; shades of red-orange are all rotated toward green. This is very difficult to correct with curves.

Sample Image

The paper backdrop (Savage #15 Suede Gray) and the rock should both appear as warm tones.


Before giving up on this film, I wrote contact-us@kodakalaris.com on August 31, 2020 to see if they can help diagnose the trouble, noting that I processed this at ISO 100 and pushed 1 stop using the Arista development kit at 105°F.

Ken Rockwell reviewed Ektachrome E100G in 2009 and also noted the trouble with a yellow-green color cast as well.

Alex Burke has had some success with E100, and commented that this is a wildly different formula and approach to slide film than any of Fuji's .

Last updated on December 17, 2020