Ratical : Analog Photography

Remote Release

While I love analog photography, I do not enjoy equipment that is missing essential features! Perhaps the most trying limitation of any purely mechanical camera is the lack of a remote release.

In software design there is a design technique known as the simplest thing that could possibly work. This is the principle I have tried to apply to this problem. I will let you judge the outcome.

Self Timers

If you're using a camera built in between 1990 and 2000 there is a good chance it has a built-in self timer. I wish manufactures of high-end view cameras had competed to make the elegant self-timer to bundle with their gear. (Please write me if you are aware of an old mechanical self-timer that functions smoothly and reliably.)

Remote Control

As far as I know infrared remotes were only ever available on Canon and Nikon 35mm cameras, and these would time out if you waited too long to take the photo. (Fail!)

Air Bulbs

Air cable releases do exist, and come reach as far as 20ft. I consider their functionality to be limited since they may or may not be able to exert enough pressure to trigger the release. (A short extension cable may also be required for the shutter release on view cameras.)

Custom Trigger

I assembled a mechanism using the simplest possible design I could contrive that may be triggered using a spool of construction line.

Remote cable release with adjustable force
Mounted using a 5/8" baby pin with 3/8" threaded tip

Last updated on January 20, 2023